About Us

DotBlog™ is a service in which we use proprietary search techniques to find relevant and current blog posts relating to any given search query and provide you, our customer, with a summary report of what those blog posts are saying about your particular query.

With the proliferation of blogs on the internet, it has become increasingly difficult to find relevant and current information amongst the many millions of blogs that exist today. For this reason, most people rely on their favorite search engines to research and gather information from sites that typically rank well within the search engine result pages. However, this method of research is not always the best and most accurate method. With the advent of search engine optimization techniques, sites can obtain favorable positioning within the result pages, with less to offer than other sites that may not have fully been optimized for the search engines.

This is the main reason why Driven Innovations, Inc. created DotBlog™. Utilizing specialized search techniques, we have developed a unique search approach that helps individuals, businesses and other entities gather and absorb the vast amount of information that is available via the internet on a daily basis and use that information to better themselves and their product offerings to compete in today’s business environment.

Choose from our three available plans and DotBlog™ will provide you with a synopsis of what the blogosphere is blogging about you, your business, any given industry or any given product.