• $99.00

    Our most basic plan will research 20 of the most current and relevant blog posts relating to your given search query and provide you with a summary report of what those 20 blog posts are saying about you, your business, your industry or any of your products. This plan is geared more towards individuals or smaller businesses that are curious as to if people are actually blogging about them.

  • $199.00

    This plan will research 50 related blog posts and provide a more detailed summary report compared to our Silver plan summary report. This plan is tailored more towards small to medium-sized businesses that are interested in public perception and awareness. Also, this plan is ideal when gathering information about products for purchase or comparison.

  • $349.00

    This plan will research 100 related blog posts and is an ideal plan for our corporate clients. Our most detailed plan provides information at a corporate level that can assist in research and product development, analyzing business metrics, performing strategic planning, conducting marketing and so much more. Our most comprehensive package has assisted in gaining a competitive advantage over many of our clients’ competitors.